2019 successes so far

In the first quarter of 2019 Sarah has successfully supported a wide range of clients to improve their lives. Several clients have stopped smoking. Other weight loss clients are making progress with their new diet and exercise programs, successfully reducing weight and increasing self esteem.
Others attending for anxiety, depression or wishing to find direction in their lives are achieving personal development and over coming limiting negative beliefs. eg: 2 clients finding new jobs, another developing her business and getting it off the ground. Numerous clients improving relationships in their lives finding the courage to take positive steps forward and feeling more positive about themselves and their future.

New Year New You

2019 is here! Let Sarah support you to make 2019 the year you achieve your dreams and aspirations. Making those changes you have been hoping for. Allow Sarah to help you unlock your own potential and become the you you want to be!

Relaxation Evening

The next Relaxation Evening is Wednesday 23rd Jan at 6.30pm. Held at The Carers Centre in Doncaster and only £5 per person.
Please contact Sarah to reserve your place or for more information on 01302 278184.
The session will cover Breathing and Relaxation techniques. Teaching you useful techniques to use for yourself whilst also providing a deep guided relaxation with visualisations.

Relaxation evenings.

The next dates for the regular monthly relaxation groups are: Weds 17th October and
Weds 21st November.
At only £5 this is a cost effective way to get the benefits of deep guided relaxation with wonderful visualisations.
6.30pm at The Carers Centre, 2 Regent Terrace, Doncaster.
No experience necessary everyone is welcome.

World Mental Health day 2018

At the recent event held by My network for Women Doncaster Sarah was invited to speak on the importance of relaxation for mental wellbeing.

Next Relaxation Group

The next Relaxation and Meditation group will take place on Weds 20th June at 6.30pm at Doncaster Parnership for Carers. Only £5 each.

Hypnotherapy Supervision group

Weds 2nd May 12.15pm
A friendly group of hypnotherapists meeting in Doncaster for professional supervision provided by Sarah Allan. Regular meetings take place. Please get in touch if you are a hypnotherapist and you would like to come along.

Next Relaxation Group

Sarah’s next relaxation group will take place at Doncaster Partnership for Carers on Wednesday 18th April at 6.30pm.
At only £5 this is a great opportunity to sample the deep hypnotic state whilst learning relaxation techniques to use yourself.

Sarah’s recent article printed in FTOMG newsletter

It’s going to sound stupid. These are words I’ve heard from just about every client I’ve worked with as they begin to explore their deepest thoughts and feelings, just before they open up and share them with me. I reassure them all; that whatever it is they’re thinking or feeling it doesn’t sound stupid. Chances are I’ve heard similar things countless times before. Allowing yourself to explore what’s going on for you right now at that deeper level, is the first step in starting to break free from whatever place you’ve been stuck in.
I’m a hypnotherapist, using talking therapy my solution focussed approach is all about helping you move forward, toward that better place you’d prefer to be instead. Whether it’s to overcome a habit, deal with a deeper issue such as depression, anxiety or low self esteem: by using hypnosis and other techniques I can support you to unlock your potential and achieve your dreams.

Relaxation Group

The next Relaxation Group will take place on Wednesday 17th January at 6.30pm.
Doncaster Carers Centre 2 Regent Terrace.
£5 per person.