Hypnosis uses natural trance states of focussed attention that everyone enters naturally every day.  For example when you’re deeply concentrating on a film you’re watching or a book you’re reading and you don’t hear someone speak to you, or when you arrive at your familiar destination and realise you don’t remember the journey.

You are deeply relaxed and guided into this trance state where your attention can be focussed by the therapist for therapeutic benefit.  You will use your imagination and hear suggestions about change.

As hypnosis makes use of natural states of relaxation and focussed attention you will feel very calm and relaxed physically and mentally.  People who struggle to relax are often surprised by their ability to let go.

The hypnotic suggestions are directed to your unconscious mind and so you may not remember everything.  You may remember much of it, it varies from one person to another and from one session to another.

On average people need around 3 to 6 sessions. Some issues can be achieved in one session. Everyone is an individual and their difficulties are unique, all therapy is tailored to the client’s individual needs.  People respond differently to therapy so this is just a guide.

Standard price 1st session £75 for 90 minutes.

Further sessions £60 for 60 minutes.

Current offer is £10 reduction on all online sessions.

For theta healing, 90 minute further sessions may be advised where there has been a break of more than a month between sessions. Please discuss this with Sarah at the time of booking.

Payments can be made by cash or cheque at the appointment or by BACS prior to the appointment.

Cancellation policy: Payment is due in full where appointments are cancelled within 24 hours or where a client fails to attend a scheduled appointment.
Where further appointments are scheduled payment may be requested at the time of booking.