Workshops and relaxation classes

I deliver a range of group workshops and group sessions on relaxation and a range of personal development topics. 

I am available to deliver these within businesses, voluntary sector organisations, groups or in private homes.  Please contact me for further information.


All workshops give you the opportunity to experience deep guided relaxation, gently entering a very deep state of relaxation where you can enjoy guided visualisations such as a walk on the beach or through a garden for example.

Relaxation Evenings

I hold regular group relaxation sessions where you have the opportunity to:

  • experience different relaxation techniques including deep guided relaxation with visualisations 
  • Learn relaxation techniques.

Goal Setting workshops

Learn how to set yourself detailed goals for change and how to use visualisations to enhance the process.

Self help Model of the mind workshop

Gain understanding of how we store our experiences, the effect this has on us at an unconscious level and how our previous experiences influence our behaviour.

Improve your sleep and relaxation workshop

Gain insight into the nature of sleeping patterns, what affects sleep quality and contributes to insomnia, learn tips to improve your sleeping and relaxation techniques.




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