Do you have behaviours that have become habits you can’t break? Hypnotherapy supports you to safely let go.  It helps you access the skills to move away from old habits.  With hypnotherapy clients report fewer withdrawal symptoms, far less cravings and feeling more comfortable and relaxed than they expected whilst making the changes.

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Alcohol Withdrawal
  • Withdrawal from Substance Use

Also useful for addictions to chocolate or fizzy drinks.

Perhaps your anxiety is preventing you from doing the things you want to do?  Restricting your life?  Or perhaps you force yourself to go through the motions of things but feel uncomfortable, on edge and preoccupied with your own thoughts and feelings unable to enjoy the experience?

Hypnotherapy helps you to find calm.  To feel better; physically, mentally and emotionally.  With support you can break down those old negative, destructive thought patterns and learn to replace them with more positive and comfortable ways of thinking.  You can learn to feel comfortable in yourself again and begin to do all those things you want to do feeling good, overcoming the anxiety and moving forward.  You can learn to relax!

Hypnotherapy will support you to comfortably change your thoughts, emotions and behaviour now and moving into a more positive future.  It helps you to make a break with the difficulties of the past.

On occasion home visits can be available – please enquire.

Unlock your potential!

Sarah offers sessions for children from Key Stage 2 upwards.

Sessions with younger children will usually involve a lengthy telephone consultation with parents to gain insight and to understand the situation from the parents’ perspective.  The appointment with the child will then be for a shorter time than a typical adult appointment.  Parents are welcome in the consulting room for the first few minutes if desired after which it is preferable that they wait in the waiting area.  Please ask about this if you have any concerns.  Sessions with children will often involve hypnosis though not always. With younger children Sarah will often write a story composed of therapeutic metaphor, this can then be read to the child daily by a trusted adult.  Sometimes a story will be prepared following an appointment to reinforce the session and build the child’s resources for positive change.  Alternatively on occasion with very young children or if concentration levels are in question Sarah may prepare a therapeutic story with embedded suggestions for change rather than using hypnosis.

Usually therapy for teenagers will follow a similar model as for an adult.

Sarah holds a DBS check and has a history of working with children in a primary school setting in addition to a therapeutic context.

If you are considering therapy for a child under 16 please contact Sarah to discuss this further.

Learn to shift your focus and lift your mood.  Hypnotherapy can help you feel brighter, lighter and more hopeful.  It can help you to work through issues from your past and to focus on a more positive future.  See also Low Self Esteem and Confidence.

Gain the confidence to leave your fears in the past.  Phobias can exist in isolation or as part of a greater difficulty with anxiety.  Through hypnotic strategies you can learn how to overcome and manage your fears.

Hypnotherapy is effective in helping overcome many physical difficulties and habits.  Some examples are:

  • Nail biting
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Excessive Swallowing
  • Scratching
  • Bed Wetting
  • Hair Pulling

There are many others, please contact Sarah to discuss anything not listed here.

Childbirth can be a wonderful, positive, natural experience.  Through hypnosis you can learn to overcome your fears, have positive expectations and learn strategies to manage pain and discomfort.  Learn to relax during pregnancy and during labour, by remaining calm you create a positive, natural experience.

Under hypnosis you receive hypnotic suggestion that you have experienced a surgical procedure to reduce the capacity of your stomach.  This is available only following a program of 3 sessions of therapy focussed on slimming and weight management where Sarah feels it is suitable and appropriate for you.

Learn strategies to improve your sleep, to help you to drop off and to get back to sleep if you wake.  Hypnotic suggestion can alter poor sleeping habits and help you establish a better style of sleep.

Difficulties with low self-esteem and confidence often connect to beliefs you hold about yourself or the world that aren’t true.  Through therapeutic techniques these can be discovered and overcome.  Difficult emotional experiences can linger in your system and can resurface in certain trigger situations preventing you from reaching your potential.  By changing your style of thinking, altering what you focus on and connecting to more positive and resourceful emotional states you can move forward positively and with confidence.

Have you lived before?  There is a tradition among many major religions of the world that we have all lived many lives before.  Through hypnosis you can visit these lives experiencing your past and addressing any unresolved issues you may have brought with you into this life.

Other thinking is that past lives experienced during hypnosis are created by the unconscious mind as a metaphor for current issues and that resolving those issues within the hypnotic trance will transfer to resolution of the difficulties in the present.

During your hypnotherapy session experience deep guided relaxation with therapeutic visualisations, this deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation is beneficial for your whole system.  Learn strategies and techniques you can put into practise every day to help you relax and retain an inner sense of calm.

Are you struggling to achieve your slimming goal?  Or perhaps you have achieved it but struggle to maintain it?  Hypnosis can boost your motivation and focus your mind away from the temptation onto the goal you want to achieve.  Supporting you to comfortably reduce your portions, avoid all of those foods you know you need to avoid and be satisfied by the healthier options you choose instead.   Overcome unconscious blocks you may have to successful weight reduction.  Become the slimmer healthier you, you want to be.

Do you have an interest in learning more about why you think and feel as you do?  Understanding how your thoughts and emotions influence your behaviour and personal relationships?  By gaining insight into how your previous experiences have influenced you at an unconscious level you can choose to overcome limitations, learn from the past and focus on your strengths and resources allowing you to make positive changes leading to greater happiness and fulfilment.

Unlock your potential!

Learn techniques and strategies to reduce and manage your stress.  Change your thinking style to improve your quality of life.